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Personal Trainer • Athletic Aficionado

G was born in San Francisco, raised in the Fillmore district by his single mother. His father, lived in Oakland, and on most weekends he stayed with him, his granny and his aunt. Some of his first dreams as a child was to own one of those Fillmore Victorian houses. At that time, he thought he'd be a lawyer. He felt he could talk his way out of most anything.

In his earlier years, G had a teacher who would challenge his mind constantly in the form of unusual words or vernacular that were well above his grade level. With this learned love of words, hip hop music spoke to him in a language he could understand very well. The first rap song he knew all the words to was Busta Rhymes– Dangerous. You could catch him singing this song through the halls, in the classroom, or on the play yard. It was in these years, he developed the idea that he'd be a famous rapper; an all too familiar dream for a ghetto youth. Later, G found it wasn't the fame he was after, but more the opportunity to be able to express himself and pay homage to those who also wanted to share their gifts with the world.

Today, G's dreams and passions remain the same, they just manifest themselves differently now. That Victorian home he wanted– He now lives in one in west Oakland that needs some love put into it to make it home. That dream of being a rapper, became more a desire to create music that he loves and perhaps, one day would get to share with the world. Now G finds more joy in expressing himself through the physical feats he can accomplish, spending much time working balance and strength training. It's his hope and aspiration to leave his mark on the Bay Area in the form of the knowledge that he's able to bestow upon those willing to receive it.

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